Welcome to H!

Welcome to H, a new programming language from the CCA Computer Sciences Club.

What is H?

H is a text-based, weakly-typed language. It currently has a line-by-line entry interface that is similar to that of Mac OS terminal, Windows Command Prompt, and Linux terminal.

Why Was H Created?

As we developed CSC/os (page not available... yet), we realized that an operating system without a development environment was seriously lacking.

We tried using ANTLR, which really is a great tool. However, the code it generated in C# had lines that couldn't be run in the tool we were using to write our operating system, called COSMOS.

So, we decided to write a COSMOS-compatible interpreter for a new language, called H.

Who's Developing H?

The CCA Computer Sciences Club, of course.

Well, to be specific, H is the brainchild of member Will Hinson. He recently (March 2012) began work on the H interpreter.

Is H Done?

No. Right now, all H can do is print concatenated strings and escape sequences similar to those of C#. However, we plan to add user input, variables, error-catching statements, goto statements, and conditional execution.

OK. Let's see some code.

The following statement prints some text and demonstrates concatenation of strings and escape sequences.

print("Hello, world" + "!" + "\n\nThis text is on its own line." + "\n\n\tThis text is indented."); # This is a comment, which is ignored by the interpreter.

Where Can I Get H?

Well, H isn't available yet. However, it will be available as soon as we upload the CSC/os ISO.


      The H Command Reference

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