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Small Chips, Big Change: A Little Board that Changed the World

Portable BASIC: An experiment to bring BASIC everywhere

Portable Shell: Written in Fortran!

The Raspberry Pi Superuser

Turning your little computer into a capable server.

Setting up your email.

Browsing the web with LXTerminal.

Fixing some pesky keyboard problems.

RISC OS Noob: Getting to BBC BASIC and OSCLI


Obscure Data Types

C more or less (cleaned)*

Top Ten Reasons Why Intel Delayed Announcing the P5*

Virus Warning (cleaned)*

Funny Vista Errors

The Geek Joke Collections

Collections of the best geeky one-liners we could find.

Collection #1

Collection #2

Collection #3


Cool Stuff:

The Raspberry Pi

(A geek must-have. See it for yourself...)

Minecraft (DCOJ Arcade)

(We got Minecraft Classic working in the DCOJ Arcade. So geeky, we had to put it here...)

Project Z

It's coming...

The Sandbox:

A collection of things that we're working on that aren't ready for the mainstream yet...

iPhone Playlist

(Obviously, best viewed on an iPhone...)

The H Programming Language

(Our programming language, the native language of CSC/os. Still nowhere near an alpha release...)

The Wonderful World of C

A collection of C sample programs for your analyzing pleasure. Windows binaries are provided. If you're on a Unix system (Linux, Mac OS X), compile the programs with gcc.

Hello World

The classic first program
Source Code    Compiled version

What's your name?

The classic input program
Source Code

Taking Arguments

A simple program that reads and prints its command line arguments
Source Code



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