All geeks these days know that a byte is composed of eight bits. Here are some other bit numbering systems created by fellow geeks.

It seems they never caught on, though.

1 bit: sniff.
2 bits: crumb, quad, quarter, tayste, tydbit, semi-nibble.
5 bits: nickel, nyckle.
6 bits: byte (in early IBM machines using BCD alphamerics).
10 bits: deckle, dyme.
16 bits: doublet, plate, playte, chomp, chawmp (on a 32-bit machine).
18 bits: chomp, chawmp (on a 36-bit machine).
32 bits: quadlet, dinner, dynner, gawble (on a 32-bit machine).
48 bits: gobble, gawble (under circumstances that remain obscure).
64 bits: octlet.
256 bytes: paragraph
6 trits: tryte