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Browsing the web with LXTerminal.


In the last segment, we installed and configured mutt, a fast and powerful command line email client. In this very short segment, we'll be installing elinks, a simple command line browser. Why are we setting up everything in the terminal? Because, the terminal is much faster then the GUI, and also because, with elinks and mutt, you'll be able to browse the web and look at your email through SSH. And because you'll be able to substantiate your claim of t3h 1337 r45p63rry p1 pwnz0r.

Let's get started.

Installing elinks

This is the only thing you're going to have to do in this segment. If you've been completing the other segments before this one, you probably know how to do this already. But, just in case, we're still going to tell you. Open an LXTerminal window and type the following lines.

sudo -s
apt-get install elinks

You're done! Easy, huh? As we said in an earlier segment, Debian has made the installation of applications very easy with the apt-get install command, so there's no compiling or installing work for us.

Now, go ahead and test your new installation. Open an LXTerminal window and type the following.


If you get a text-based Google, then you're up and running! Navigate with the arrow keys, and press enter to select something. To navigate to a new URL, hit the g key.

A little bit of fun

This may have been a really short segment, but who doesn't love a little bit of fun? We do.

Click the "start"-looking button at the bottom-left of your screen, then click run. In the box that appears, enter the following.


Have fun... :-)

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