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RISC OS Noob: Getting to BBC BASIC and OSCLI


In the last segment, we fixed some pesky keyboard layout problems. In the next few segments, we'll be focusing on the "newest" operating system for the Pi, RISC OS. We say "newest" because RISC OS is actually the oldest official OS available for the Pi. It was originally released in the late 1980's for Acorn Computers' set of RISC workstations. It's been maintained and updated (albeit slowly...) by RISC OS Open. Ready?

Let's get started.


Here are the prerequisites:

    • A Raspberry Pi
    • An SD card with RISC OS on it. (Head here to get that done.)
    • Be prepared to fail a whole bunch.

Unless you grew up with RISC OS (or you have the greatest level of intuition ever seen,) then RISC OS will probably not be self-explanatory. Don't worry, that's why we're starting with something really easy.

Booting and Setting the Keyboard Layout

Now, it's time to boot! Boot up your Raspberry Pi like normal, and make sure the new SD card is inserted. After a minute or so, you'll get to the RISC OS desktop.

If you're using a standard US keyboard, do this: go to Configuration (it's an icon on the desktop), click on keyboard and change the layout to US. Make sure to click 'Set' when you're done.

Getting to the OSCLI and BBC BASIC

Now, it's time to get into the OSCLI. To open a Task Window (terminal window in Linux), press Ctrl-F12. You can explore this later by typing 'help', but now, it's BBC BASIC time...

To get into BASIC, type this line:


Easy, huh? The hardest part is knowing how to open a Task Window. If you have no idea what to do in BASIC, start with these lines.

20 GOTO 10

When you get bored of this program (which should happen quite quickly,) press Escape to end it.

A little bit of fun

It's time for a little bit of fun! This one isn't as impressive, but it's still pretty neat.

Click here to navigate to the DCOJ Raspberry Pi server. It's not always available, and we can't guarantee that we still have the last good IP, but it's still pretty cool. If you want to do this yourself, Click here if you want us to make this the topic of a future section.

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