Portable Shell

Written in Fortran!


Has your network administrator blocked the command line shell on your network? Are you looking for an open-source shell that you can compile and run on a multitude of systems? Then Portable Shell may be the solution you're looking for!

What is Portable Shell?

Portable Shell (psh) is a simple command-line shell that is intended to replace your system's default shell (cmd for Windows or Bash for *nix) when it is unavailable. psh runs on top of your system shell and passes commands to it without executing it, taking advantage of a simple "loophole." We call this technique Shell-on-shell, or SoS for short.

psh is written in standard Fortran, and designed to compile with gfortran in its standard configuration. This makes it possible to run psh unmodified on a number of platforms.

Why are you creating Portable Shell?

Well, they blocked Command Prompt on all of the Windows machines at school. Programmers are always command-line junkies, so all of us wanted a new shell.

How can I get it?

Click here to download the latest Windows binary for Portable Shell. (Current version: 1.12)
If you have a rooted Android device, click here to get a compiled binary for Android. (Current version: 1.11)

Click here to view the change log.

Click here to get the latest source in plain text. (Current version: 1.12)

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